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FREE for the first 500 listings

Architects House Exchange is a unique home exchange community for architects worldwide. It is about connecting architects and their homes to create possibilities for travel that we could only have dreamed of until now.


Travel More, Travel Better...Exchange homes with Architects all over the world.

Why Architects?

We architects have much in common. We're a tribe, a community of like minded individuals. We love travel. We love our homes. We care about where we stay. But travel is expensive! So...

  • Imagine if we could remove the barrier of expensive accommodation?
  • Imagine if we could exchange our homes and travel in a way that really suits us?
  • Imagine the potential for unlimited weekends, short breaks and holidays, at home and abroad?
  • Imagine Architects House Exchange, a vibrant community of like minded individuals who are passionate about travel, who are committed to the concept of peer to peer home exchange and who value the ensuing benefits of inside information, travel tips and the enjoyment of travel accommodation where design is valued...

Why House Exchange?

Home exchange is a well established concept. You exchange your home with someone you trust for an agreed period of time. If you own a holiday home, you don't even need to exchange at the same time. You save money and you experience what it is truly like to live somewhere else.

There are 1.3 million of us architects worldwide: that's a big pool of potential exchange partners and travel adventures. To join Architects House Exchange, you either have to be a member of your country's representative professional body, or be able to demonstrate that you have graduated from a recognised school of architecture. Already, we have almost 100 homes in 18 countries across 3 continents, from rural retreats to urban penthouses. So join today and let’s start traveling...

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